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Top Features

Ease of use

Easiness, simplicity and clarity. We understand the importance.

All main functions are accessible with one click. No more frustration. Get started right away!

Unlimited number of images

Whether locomotive, railcar or building – you can store as many pictures for each model as you like.

nfinitely scalable gallery view, built-in image viewer – you will have the big picture about everything!

Automatic diagrams and tables

Create sophisticated real-time statistics for nearly every input field!

With this powerful tool you will gain whole new insights about your collection.

Costs, sales revenue, increase in value

Do you know the current value of your collection?

With our software you can keep costs, sales proceeds, the current value and even the increase of value of your collection, at a glance.

Integrated browser

Surf directly inside the program.

Link interesting websites to your entries. Thus, you can find the right page with just one click in the future.

Define trains

Connect your locomotives and rolling stock with each other, to form trains.

That way you can create a complete image of your model railway layout.

Countless fields

Does your locomotive have a smoke generator? What is the wheel arrangement of the prototype?

Over 130 individual input fields leave nothing to be desired!

Unlimited number of entries

You have dozens of locomotives, hundreds of freight cars and countless accessories?

No problem at all! The program allows an unlimited number of entries.

Personal categories and folders

Arrange and organize your collection and determine your very own highlights either by model, period or gauge, for example.

An unlimited number of personally customizable categories and folders can make it happen!


Capture your buildings, bridges, lanterns and much, much more!

With this software you can easily catalog everything related to your model railway layout.

Browse your collection

Are you looking for a HO locomotive from the vintage era with blomberg trucks?

Not a problem at all! Even highly complex queries are easy to do.

Predefined knowledge

You do not have to enter all data by yourself.

Simply select from predefined couplers, railway companies, common axis sequences, etc.

For all scales and gauges

It does not matter what scale or gauge your locomotives and railcars have.

This software is suitable for all of them!

Collect technical data

Whether it is digital systems, coupling type or minimum radius, you can now capture all relevant information about your models and their prototypes.

Print datasheets

Quickly and easily print the appropriate datasheet for each model.

By that, you can define in detail what images and data fields are taken into account.

Owned, Loaned, Sold, Wanted, ...

Mark your models as owned, loaned, sold or bought.

All corresponding lists are created with one click. Thus, you will not lose track of your collection.

Create PDF and HTML files

Create easily datasheets in PDF or HTML format.

Thus, you can present buyers or acquaintances your models or integrate them on your homepage.

Integrated maintenance management

Protocol in detail all of your maintenance and renovation work on your models.

Any number of entries per model are possible.

Manage parts and electronics

Manage all of your spare parts and electronic components.

You can see at a glance which parts fit to which model, where they are stored or where you can buy them.

Never search again

Are you looking for a specific spare part and you just can´t find it?

The built-in warehouse management will save you time and hassles in the future.

Your favorite models

Are there specific models that you particularly care about?

Thanks to the very convenient favorites lists you now also have the complete overview, here!

Manage wish lists

Are there models, spare parts or accessories that you were looking out for a long time already and wanting to buy?

If so, you can now act, by easily creating wish lists.

Data backup and data recovery

Protect your data! An intelligent backup wizard will assist you.

Thus, you will not lose all of your data in case of broken hardware.

Any number of databases

The program allows the management of any number of independent databases.

You can therefore structure your collection on your own or share the program with other users.

Work within the network

You can outsource your databases to any number of network drives.

This way, you can access your data via multiple computers from different places, independent of each other.

Embedded file management

Link data sheets, films and other media to your models.

The files can be easily opened with one click directly in the program.